Chocolatey facts

Let's be honest, we all love chocolate. But there's more to this gorgeous, indulgent substance than you may think.

We've put together a list of key dates for chocoholics... if you think we've missed anything, drop us a line and let us know!

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Key dates for chocoholics
1500 BC The Olmec civilisation emerges and the Olmecs have the good sense to start cultivating the cocoa bean.
600 AD The Maya (who lived on the Yucatan peninsular) start using the cocoa bean as money.
1502 Christopher Columbus lands on the island of Guanaja near Honduras. He is presented with some cocoa beans. He doesn't like them!
1519 Hernan Cortez conquers the Aztec Empire and gets to drink chocolate with Montezuma.
1589 Regular shipments of cocoa reach Spain. Chocolate makers set up in Belgium – then under Spanish rule.
1650 The first cocoa plantations are established in the West Indies.
1657 A Frenchman sets up England's first chocolate shop in Bishopsgate, the City of London.
1725 Mary Tuke starts a grocer's shop in Walmergate, York - this would go on to become Rowntree.
1824 John Cadbury starts his chocolate business in Birmingham.
1847 Fry's make the first bars of eating chocolate.
1849 George and Richard Cadbury make their first chocolate bars.
1905 Cadbury's Dairy Milk is launched.
1932 Forrest Mars makes the first Mars bar in Slough.
1935 Rowntree launch Aero.
1941 Chocolate is rationed during the war.
1952 Rationing is over, hurrah!
1969 Cadbury merges with Schweppes.
1984 At Kaysens, a London-based dessert manufacturer, Erik Russell comes up with the name "Death by Chocolate".
1990 The Chocolate Society is founded in Britain.
2010 Death by Chocolate is re-born as a range of very tempting mega-chocolatey desserts available at Sainsbury and Asda.
Death by Chocolate®... Desserts to Die For.
DEATH BY CHOCOLATE is a registered trade mark of F.T. Wood & Sons Limited.